What images and memories does this phrase bring to you? For me, growing up among the “Robinhood Road” neighborhood clan, Season Opener always equated with baseball. When you are young and clueless, famous people who live on your street are neighbors, not celebrities. So it was for me that neighbors, Robin Roberts and Curt SimmonsContinue reading “SEASON OPENER”


Fresh, local Blueberries are seasonal and at De’Farm on Blueberry Hill, the wide variety of blueberries has meant a traditional season from mid-May through early August.   Alas, this year Mother Nature had a different idea. So many customers have reached out to us wondering where we are.   We’re here,  we are getting ready for openingContinue reading “THE BLUES”

Mushrooms are a Bloomin

Alas, blueberry season came to a successful end just in time to reorganize for Mushroom Season! Call or Text us to join in the fascinating world of healthy super foods. #defarmonblueberryhill #mushrooms


De’Farm on Blueberry Hill began its second year of production, as a small, blueberry and mushroom farm this week. Of course that means no more blogging for awhile, but we’d love for you to come visit. These comparison photos reflect the love and commitment to a happy, healthy farm. A plot became a field, aContinue reading “BLUEBERRY SEASON”

Where, oh where

Where, oh where has the little farm gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? With its bushes pruned. And its rows all weeded. It eagerly awaits De’Season #defarmonblueberryhill # blueberries #lovethefarmer


We’re never wearing bib overalls! An old family photograph from my husband’s side hangs on our wall.  An elderly gentleman sits atop of an antique tractor; he’s obviously in his idea of heaven.  This little photograph was the spark that began our journey toward a farm.  The man was a banker, but called himself aContinue reading “Farmers….Really?”

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